Directory of Experts (NRCE)

The National Resource Centre for Education (NRCE), National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) is a key component under the Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT). The objective of the NRCE is to develop a national repository of all resources for the use of teachers, to develop the networking among teachers in India and abroad, and to develop functional capabilities of teachers through the use of knowledge resources. All teachers in higher education will have access to the resources available on the platform. This shall form the lead step in the direction of collating at one place the different kinds of resources which are required by the teachers in the higher education sector not only to practice better teaching-learning within the classroom but also to further broaden the horizon of their professional activities. By assembling at one place the content related resources, teaching-learning related resources, the latest developments in the field of higher education, professional development opportunities, key resources developed for the support of the teachers, networking platform through online discussion groups, etc the NRCE shall ultimately emerge as a one-stop solution for all the academic and professional requirements of the teachers. Within the present context of continuously evolving and changing requirements of the education sector, the teachers must be adequately supported so that they can perform the varied nature of expectations held from them.


One of the objectives of the NRCE is to build the lists of subject area experts namely, the Directory of Experts (NRCE). Directory of Experts (NRCE) will work as a platform for identifying experts and their work in specific domain knowledge, as well as to facilitate collaboration with fellow researchers /teachers in other higher education institutions across the nation. The Directory of Experts (NRCE) will work as a reference section for those teachers who are seeking support or expert advice related to any of their subject-related queries, teaching queries, research support, etc.


The objectives of the Directory of Experts (NRCE) are:

1. To create a searchable database of experts on specific subjects.

2. To minimize the time for identifying relevant subject experts.

3. To provide an accessible platform for teachers of higher education where they can collaborate with experts for their educational/research interest.

4. To widen the network for identifying experts for organising academic events.

With the above-mentioned objectives, the NRCE is piloting the generation of the Directory of Experts (NRCE) with Economics as a select subject, since Economics is a subject common to various courses like B.A., B.Com, Management, Agriculture, etc and is nowadays taught along with various other disciplines such as Engineering.


Teachers of Economics, who have PhD in Economics, minimum 8 years of teaching/research experience and at least 5 publications in peer-reviewed journal/UGC- CARE listed journals, are requested to fill the data capture format available here.


Please find the Data Capture Format






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