Department of Educational Finance

Department of Educational Finance deals with (a) policy issues, (b) planning methodologies and techniques, and (c) administration procedures and management approaches in financing of education. The Department focuses its activities - research, training and consultancy - around three crucial issues in financing of education, viz., mobilization of governmental and private resources, allocation of resources and utilization of resources in all levels of education from primary to higher, including formal and non-formal education. The research concerns of the Department include issues in public and private financing of education. Mostly, but not exclusively, research areas in education finances cover policy issues; planning techniques and management approaches form the content of training programs; and consultancy includes policy issues as well as planning techniques and management approaches. More...

Prof. Mona Khare

Professor & Head

Dr. Vetukuri P. S. Raju

Assistant Professor

Sl. No. On-going Research Studies Investigators
1 An Education Atlas on Gender: A District Level Representation Prof. Mona Khare & Dr. Suman Negi
2 Spatial Dynamics of Comparative Advantage in Educational Development Prof. Mona Khare
3 Employment and Employability of Higher Education Graduates in India Prof. Mona Khare

Sl. No. Completed Research Studies (2016-21) Investigators
1 Causes of ‘Non-Enrolment and Dropout among Muslim Children at Elementary Stage: A Comparative study of Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh’ Dr. Vetukuri P. S. Raju
2 Mid-Term Evaluation of ‘Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for Colleges and University Students’ Pradesh’ Dr. Vetukuri P. S. Raju
3 An Evaluation of the Centrally Sponsored ‘National Scheme of Incentive for Girls in Secondary Education Dr. Vetukuri P. S. Raju
4 An Evaluation Study of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of 'National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme' Dr. Vetukuri P. S. Raju
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