Computer Centre


The Computer Centre backs up the Information Technology needs of the Institute. It provides computing facilities and Internet services to all the trainees and staff members of the National Institute. Network facilities have been provided to all the faculty and staff members to access and share the Resources. Individual email accounts have been provided to all the faculty and staff members on NIEPA.AC.IN Domain. 1 GBPS internetconnectivity through network connections and high speed internet connectivity through Wi-Fi is provided to all the faculty members of the Institute. Wi-Fi internet connectivity is provided in all the floors in the hostel adjoining to NIEPA office building. Desktop computers have been provided to all the staff members and laptops to all faculty members. Appropriate network security is being maintained in the Institute. The Centre is equipped with state-of the art computing facilities, which include IBM E-Series Server connected over a High speed Ethernet connections.

The present infrastructure consists of enhanced CAT 6 cabling; centralized computing facility, consisting of high performance servers and client PCs; uplink to internet and other services; appropriate power back-up facility through heavy duty multiple UPS.


A dedicated Data Centre is established in the university building. The Data Centre hosts all the websites of the Institute. The in-house high-end servers are used to store and process the largest school database created and maintained by the Institute under the project Unified District Information System of Education (U-DISE) under the Flagship programme of Government of India Sarva Siksha Abhiyan - SSA and Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan - RMSA.
Mr.Chandra Kumar MJ

Systems Analyst



Instructional Design in Indian Higher Education: Status, Review, Challenges and Recommendations.