Integrated Grievance Registration System

NIEPA has launched the Integrated Grievance Registration System (iGRS). Apart from creating a central repository of grievance data, iGRAMS is a grievance redress monitoring tool for NIEPA. iGRAMS provides a gateway to register grievances/complaints with the senior management in NIEPA. Anyone including NIEPA staff having grievances should register their complaints in the Integrated Grievance Registration System (iGRS) of NIEPA only.

Complaints will be forwarded to Administration first and only if need be, be escalated them to higher authorities of NIEPA. iGRS is a comprehensive solution which not only has the ability to provide a centralised and online access to the public/staff but complete access and control to NIEPA for monitoring grievances and providing solutions to them. iGRS has the ability to classify different complaint types based on pre-defined rules.

Various users/managers as required, within the iGRS can monitor and respond to the grievances. The system has the registration data and response date too which will show the time taken to readdress the grievance.

A complaint registered through iGRS will flow to the NIEPA repository. Updating of status will be mirrored in the NIEPA system. iGRS enables generation of reports on all criteria like ageing, status, nature of complaint and any other parameter that is defined.

Thus iGRS provides a standard platform to public/staff to resolve grievances and provides NIEPA with a tool to monitor the effectiveness of the grievance redress system.

What is Integrated Grievance Registration System?

The Integrated Grievance Registration and Monitoring System (iGRS) is an online grievances/complaints registration system created by NIEPA. Anyone can register their grievances/complaints relating to NIEPA and can track the progress of grievance/complaint resolution. NIEPA monitors the grievances/complaints and their progress in real-time through iGRS.

How do you use iGRS?

You can make best use of this system by giving accurate information about your grievance/complaint like the grievance/complaint pertaining to department/individual and your accurate contact details.

The Complaint Registration Process involves only ONE SIMPLE step bifurcated in two parts:

1. Enter your contact particulars
2. Details of your grievance/complaint

Procedure to register a grievance/complaint

Read the instructions before filling up the form
Click on “Register your grievance”
Fill in all the fields that are marked as required (*)
After filling the complete form click on “Submit”. Kindly note that the form once submitted can’t be edited
On successful submission of the form a “User Recipt” will be generated. Keep this “User Recipt” with you as this will be required to track the progress of your Grievance

What if there is no response from NIEPA in iGRS?

If the complaint is not attended to by NIEPA iGRAMS within 15 days of registering it, kindly send an email to with the subject having the “Compliant Name” generated from the iGRS for escalating the complaint to higher authorities in NIEPA.

Register your Grievance