Department of Educational Policy

The Department of Educational Policy is committed to the study of educational policy, analyze and evaluate educational programmes, to identify trends, understand outcomes and guide policy and practice, towards finding solutions to current problems in educational governance and management. As t is dedicated to the mission of enhancing the knowledge of critical barriers facing access, equity, quality and relevance throughout the educational pipeline, department stimulates discussions on various policy issues, from time to time, to generate knowledge base, for the use of policy makers, practitioners and other stake holders in the educational and public policy arena that affects educational system in India. The research focus is on studying above issues of policy and practice in addition to those pertaining to teaching, learning and performance in educational institutions for creating better linkage between educational research and educational policy. Research outcomes are intended not only to describe the complexities of educational phenomena but also to offer recommendations for action. Keeping in view the recent changes in the society and its influence on education the department will act as a sounding board for the stakeholders at national level for enabling needful actions from time to time. The Department also undertakes training on policy issues for planners, administrators, implementers, and scholars who can act effectively and ethically within the given structures, processes and cultural contexts of organized education in India. More...

Prof. Avinash K. Singh

Professor and Head

Dr. S.K. Mallik

Assistant Professor

Sl. No. On-going Research Studies Investigators
1 A Study of Scholarship Scheme and Educational Mobility among the Scheduled Caste Children at the Secondary Level in Odisha Dr. S. K. Mallik
2 Study of the Implementation of the Constitutional Provision of 25 per cent seats to the Children of the Disadvantaged Groups and Weaker Sections in Private Schools under RTE Act,2009 in selected states: Policy and Practices Prof. Avinash Kumar Singh
3 The Political Economy of Higher Education Reform in India: Comparative Perspective on the Principles, Policies, and Institutions for Reform Prof. Manisha Priyam

Sl. No. Completed Research Studies (2016-21) Investigators
Externally-funded Projects
1 MHRD sponsored-Evaluation of the Implementation of the Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madrasas (SPQEM), August 2017-February, 2018. Prof. Avinash Kumar Singh
Dr. Manju Narula
Dr. S. K. Mallik
Dr. Naresh Kumar
Institutionally-funded Projects
2 A study on Policy and Practice for inclusion of CWSLD in selected schools Prof. Veera Gupta
3 School choice and processes: a study of neighbourhood schooling Dr. Naresh Kumar
S.No. Name Designation
Project Staff
1. Dr. Dipendra Kumar Pathak Project Consultant
2. Mr. Amit Mishra Project Jr. Consultant
3. Ms. Srishti Singhal Trainee in Administration
Designation Room No. Contact No. Email
HOD 206 011- 26544856 aksingh[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in