Department of Training and Professional Development in Education

The aim of the Department is to create a critical mass of trained teams in the Departments of Education at the national and international level. The Department attends to different capacity levels, including the capacity of individuals and state/UT/district-level teams and institutions in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to improve the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of educational policies, plans and programmes that constitutes an important components of the capacity development interventions. Capacity development is pursued through the provision of technical assistance and consultancy services to ministries, education departments of the State/UT governments and national and state/district-level institutions.

For meeting the above objectives the Department conducts training programmes specifically the Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration (DEPA) and International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration (IDEPA). Besides, all request programmes from Central and State Governments as well as international request/sponsored programmes are organized by the Department drawing academic support from other Departments/individual faculty members, as required. The Department also carries out research, training and capacity building strategies in education besides conducting need assessment studies.

Prof. B.K. Panda

Professor and Head

Dr. Mona Sedwal

Assistant Professor