Title Principal Investigator(s) / Author(s) Status  

Study on Teacher Deployment at Secondary Level

Professor.  K. Biswal Research paper expected to be completed by February 2013

Development of Training Material on School Mapping at the Secondary Level

Professor.  K. Biswal On-going  

Schooling provisions and school performance based on SEMIS data 2009-10

Dr.  N. K. Mohanty (i) Data is complete and analysis in progress. (ii) Research paper likely to be completed in December 2012  

A Study of Vocational Guidance and Career Maturity in Selected Schools of Delhi

Professor. Vineeta Sirohi Data collection in process  

Financing Elementary Education in India: Fund Flow Pattern and Utilization of Resources in Elementary Education

Professor. Geetha Rani (i) completed five chapters; (ii) two more to be finalized  

Education among the Scheduled Caste Children - An Intensive Study of Two Villages of Rajasthan

Professor. B. K. Panda To be completed by March 2013  

A Study of Functioning of Parent Teacher Association under Madhya Pradesh Jan Shiksha Adhiniyam

Dr. S. K.  Mallik All the four chapters ( Introduction, Profile of the Study Area, Elementary Education in M.P. and Sample districts and Role and Functions  PTA  in M.P.: Teachers and PTA Members Perception) are ready and the fifth chapter on summary of findings and conclusions of the study is at the final stage. The Project is expected to be competed by 15 th  November, 2012

Comparative Study on Secondary Teacher Policy and Management in India (UNESCO Sponsored)

Professor Pranati Panda & Dr. V.P.S. Raju Draft report of secondary data is completed. The state level data (2) to be collected. The project report is expected to be submitted by March 2013

An Empirical Study on Exploring Relationship between Family Learning and    School Participation in the State of Punjab

Professor. Rashmi Diwan (i) Data collection and data entry is completed; (ii) Documentation of articles is ongoing; (iii) The time frame for completion is 20 months; (iv) expected to be completed by September 2013

A Study on Social Dimensions of Demand for Pre-Primary Education in  Rajasthan and Haryana

Professor. Madhumita Bandopadhyay Data collected from Gurgaon Block of Haryana and two Blocks of Rajasthan

A Study of Revisiting School Quality

Professor. Madhumita Bandopadhyay (i) Chapter scheme prepared; (ii) tables on community and school survey data prepared; (iii)school profiles developed
A Study on Who Goes to School? An Analysis of Empirical Evidences Professor. Madhumita Bandopadhyay Three chapters out of nine completed

Access, Participation and Learning Achievement in School Education in Slums Of Million Plus Cities: A Case Study of Hyderabad and Ludhiana

Professor. Sunita Chugh Data collection and Data analysis is finished, report writing in progress, draft report will be submitted by early January 2013

Financing and Affordability in Higher Education (UGC Funded)

Professor Sudhanshu Bhushan On-going

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