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NIEPA offers a widely acclaimed International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration (IDEPA) for the senior educational policy makers, planners and administrators annually to the international participants. IDEPA was started in the year 1985 as a sequel to the recommendations of the sub-regional meeting for Asian countries organised by the Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO in 1983. The National Institute has successfully completed as many as twenty-eight such IDEPA Programmes, one in each successive year. Over the years, participation in terms of number of countries and participants has increased considerably.

Until now, a total of 953 trainees from 93 countries of Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, West Asia, South and South-East Asia, Latin America and Pacific regions have participated in the Programme.

Aim:  IDEPA endeavours to promote the spirit of regional cooperation, international understanding and goodwill through exchange of experiences on subject matter and issues important to the development of human resource. With this mission, it aims at augmenting capabilities and competencies in educational planning and administration.

Objectives:  The International Diploma Programme has gained its uniqueness over the years by continual updating of its objectives and course structures in order to keep pace with the changing scenario. The Programme in general strives to understand educational developments in the developing countries with particular reference to policy, planning and management, especially on quality and equity issues relating to school, vocational and higher education.

IDEPA encompasses the principles, concepts and techniques of educational planning, supervision, administration, management and leadership for fulfilling the national goals and meeting local requirements of various countries. In this regard, it tries to develop skills of analysis, statistical interpretation, forecasting, project preparation for macro and micro level educational planning, on the one hand, and effective managerial leadership skills in educational administration, project management and programme implementation on the other.

Nominations will be sought shortly from international participants for 2025 IDEPA that is scheduled from February to July 2025 as a six months programme. From February to April 2025 it will be held in NIEPA, New Delhi (INDIA) as a residential programme.

For further details contact Programme Director (Prof. B. K. Panda) on his email: or Programme Coordinator (Dr. Mona Sedwal) on her email: