ICT Unit

The ICT Unit is Providing academic leadership for developing an effective learning environment for faculty, students, researchers by designing and implementing innovative ICT Plan and Strategy. The Unit is also Planning, developing and implementing an effective ICT Policy of the University and Higher Education Institutions with emphasis on Educational Planning and Management, encompassing all aspects of e-learning and e-governance. The Unit is providing end-to-end technology solutions, system integration, standard operating procedures for networking, connectivity, security, system application and development and application of software.
The Unit is Guiding and monitoring development of e-governance structure of the University covering all academic, administrative, financial operations along with appropriate project management tools, techniques, automation of admission, assessment and tracking of life cycle of research scholars. The Unit is Designing innovative and effective modules for training and organizing ICT based programs for in house and other university faculty members. The Unit is conducting Offline / Online ICT based capacity building programmes for State, Central & Institutions of National Importance aligning with NIEPA’s perspective plan and NEP 2020.


Prof. K. Srinivas Head of ICT & Project Management Unit of National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) a Government of India, Ministry of Education(MoE) Institution in New Delhi. Prof. K. Srinivas holds a Ph.D degree in Computer Science and has been utilizing Open Source ICT Tools and Technologies in Teaching, Learning and Student Evaluation since 1990, both at the Graduate and Post Graduate levels. His areas of interest are e-Learning, blended learning, MOOCs, ICT enabled Pedagogy, Computer Applications in Project Management, e-governance. He is having more than 30 years of Teaching, Research, Industry and Consultancy experience. Prof. K. Srinivas also conducts teacher training workshops both at School Education and Higher Education across the country for teachers. He has written a number of articles on different aspects on university automation, e-governance, Training needs, etc.), which have been published in research journals. He has also participated in a few International Forums and presented papers on various aspects of e-governance, Blended Online Mode Teaching, MOOCs etc. More Info...
S.No. Name Designation Email Id.
1. Mr. Chandra Kumar MJ Systems Analyst chandrakumar[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in
S.No. Name Designation Email Id.
1. Mr. Omendra Kumar Project Junior Consultant - Technical omendra[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in
2. Mr. Jaya Kumar Project Junior Consultant - Technical idproject[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in
3. Mr. Nagendra Babu Naira Project Junior Consultant - Technical samarth1[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in
4. Mr. Kuldeep Sharma Project Junior Consultant - Technical samarth3[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in
5. Ms. D. Nagasruthi Project Junior Consultant - Technical Nagasruthi[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in
6. Mr. Kapil Kumar Kasana Project Junior Consultant - Graphic Designer kapil[at]niepa[dot]ac[dot]in
NIEPA ICT Unit backs up the information technology needs of the University. The network as the backbone of the university and its active components are administered, maintained and controlled by ICT Unit. The ICT Unit is equipped with dedicated 1GBPS Optical Fiber Internet Connectivity provided by NKN/MTNL under the project NMEICT. The ICT Unit provides Computing facilities and Internet services to all the Research Scholars, Program participants, Project staffs, trainees, faculty members and staff members. High speed Internet connectivity and Network points have been provided to all the faculty and staff members to access the Network Resources for optimal use of resources available in the university.
Individual E-mail accounts have been provided to all the faculty and staff members on NIEPA Domain. Desktop/Laptop computers have been provided to all the faculty members. All the staff members of the university have been provided desktop computer on his/her desk. ICT Unit facilities are available non-interrupted for almost 12 hours. The ICT Unit is responsible for maintenance of the University owned computer systems and peripherals.
ICT Unit also provides the High-Speed Internet Connectivity from the NIEPA building to the NIEPA Hostel. Authenticated and Secure Wi-Fi internet connectivity is made available in all the rooms in all the floor of NIEPA Hostel to be used by the Guests staying in the hostel.
ICT Unit provides support to the Academic Departments by training, research, quantitative data analysis, system level management issues and other activities. Support is also provided to the non-academic units of the Institute like Library, Administration, and Finance sections. Besides catering to in-house software development, data processing and word processing needs of the University, computer awareness and appreciation modules and other specialized computer services are rendered for various training activities/programmes.
Support is also provided for the software applications for accounts section. This includes task such as Salary processing, Income tax calculations, Pension, Provident fund computations, etc. A server with network version of Statistical Package (SPSS) is installed to enable users to run statistical applications on network. ICT Unit also promotes the use of Open Source software in day to day activities.
A dedicated State of the art Data Centre is setup in the university to strengthen the day to day needs of the university. The Data Centre is equipped with high end Data servers and Web Servers which are online 24*7*365 for the users. The Data Centre is empowered with dedicated parallel UPSs providing power backup to the servers. Initiative for procurement of Blade Servers with SAN storage was taken to strengthen the in-house Data Centre.
ICT Unit maintains the Servers for the well know project Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) under the Flagship program of Govt. of India Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA). The Web Portal for National Programmer on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE) - Shaala Siddhi is also maintained in the Data Centre maintained by the ICT Unit.
S.No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1. Mr. Jatin Mehra Desktop Support Engineer 01126544882
S.No. Domain Name S. No. Domain Name S.No. Domain Name S. No. Domain Name
9. Student - UDISE 10. SDMS UDISE 11. School Report - UDISE 12. NCSL
13. PSLM - NCSL 14. SLA-NCSL 15. Shaalasiddhi 16.
S.No. Programme Name Date Document
1. Training Programme Details 2016 to 2023
S.No. Programme Name Date Mode
1. Professional Development Programme on NEP 2020 and Education 4.0 April 01-05, 2024 Online
2. Professional Development Programme on NEP 2020 and Education 4.0 May 06-10, 2024 Online
3. Professional Development Programme on NEP 2020 and Education 4.0- (NIEPA-APSCHE) May 20-24, 2024 Online
4. Professional Development Programme on NEP 2020 and Education 4.0- (NIEPA-APSCHE) May 27-31, 2024 Online
S.No. Publication Details Date Document
1. Publications 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2021
S.No. Academic Session Name Title of Publication Conference/ Seminar details Date and Venue/ Organization
1. 2020-2021 Prof. K.Srinivas

Mrinmayee Mandal
Education Technology in Schools: Locating the Teacher in the Changing Landscape of Teaching-Learning – A study in Secondary Schools in Delhi India Centre of Excellence in Information Ethics(ICEIE), University of Hyderabad. 7-9th September, 2021 Paper accepted for publication in the special edition of the International Review for Information Ethics (IRIE), University of Alberta, Canada (CFP: IRIE Vol 32: Special Edition on Emerging Technologies and Changing Dynamics of Information [ETCDI]). (scheduled for publication in June 2022. )
2. 2021-22 Prof. K.Srinivas

Kajal Yadav
Blended Learning: Teachers' Perceptions in the Changing Dynamics of Teaching-Learning International Conference on New Dimensions in Higher Education in the Post Covid-19: Global Perspective 24-25 March 2022 Govt. Degree College for women, Begumpet, Hyderabad
3. 2022-23 Prof. K.Srinivas

Kajal Yadav
Transformative Potentials of Blended Learning in Higher Education: Perspectives of Teachers International Conference on Hybrid Learning Preparing Tomorrow’s Solution 6-7 May 2022 Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Kerala
4. 2022-23 Prof. K.Srinivas

Kajal Yadav
Blended Learning: Student's Perspectives in the New Normal International Conference on Perspectives in Teaching, Learning and Assessment During COVID-19 Pandemic 19-20 May 2022 MIER College of Education (Autonomous), Jammu
S.No. Name of Research Scholar Course Research Topic Supervisor
1. Ms. Kajal Yadav Integrated M.Phil. - Ph.D. Blended Learning in Higher Education: An Exploration of its Approaches and Challenges Prof. K. Srinivas
2. Ms. Yashmita Singh E-Governance in Higher Education Institutions of Delhi- Status and Prospects Prof. K. Srinivas
3. Ms. Harshita Dutta The Effectiveness of Digital Education: An Analysis of Higher Education Institutions in India Prof. K. Srinivas
4. Mr. Ashish Verma Assessing the Preparedness of Faculty in Indian Higher Education Institutions for the Integration of Artificial Intelligence Technology into Teaching-Learning Processes Prof. K. Srinivas