To organize pre-service and in-service training programmes in the area of educational planning and administration and allied disciplines;

To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate research in various aspects of educational planning and administration and allied disciplines, including comparative studies in planning techniques and administrative procedures in the different States of India and in other countries of the        world;


To provide academic and professional guidance to agencies, institutions and personnel engaged in educational planning and administration;

To offer M. Phil, Ph. D. and Post-Doctoral Programmes and award degrees in educational planning, educational administration, educational finance, comparative education, school education, higher education, professional education, policy research, gender in education, discrimination in           education, education and globalization, educational management and information system, etc.;

To act as a clearing house of ideas and information on research, training and extension in educational planning and administration services and other programmes;

To prepare, print and publish papers, periodicals and books in furtherance of these objectives and especially to bring out a Journal on Educational Planning and Administration;

To organize training, conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars and briefing sessions for educational personnel of the Central and State Governments and Union Territories;

To offer, on request, consultancy service to Governments, including State Governments, educational institutions and institutions/organizations in India & abroad.

To organize orientation and training programmes and refresher courses for teacher-educators and for University and College Administrators engaged in educational planning and administration;

To organize orientation programmes, seminars and discussion groups for persons including legislators in the field of educational planning and administration at the level of policy making in Central and State Governments;

To award consultancy work/services to other organizations/individuals;

To collaborate with other agencies, institutions and organizations, including the University Grants Commission, the Universities, Institutes of Management and Administration and other allied institutions in India and abroad, in such way as may be considered necessary for the promotion of        these objectives;

To provide, on request, facilities for training and research in educational planning and administration to other countries, especially of the Asian Region, and collaborate with them in programmes;

To offer fellowships, scholarships and academic awards in furtherance of the objects of the National University;

To confer honorary fellowships on eminent educationists for their contribution in the field of educational planning and administration;

To undertake extra mural studies, extension programme and field outreach activities to contribute to the development of society;
To disseminate andadvance knowledge by providing instructional, research and extension facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit and to provide to students and teachers the necessary facilities and atmosphere for the promotion of innovations in education leading to restructuring        of courses, new methods of teaching and learning, and integral development of personality, studies in various disciplines, inter-disciplinary studies, and        National integration & International understanding;
To conduct the above-mentioned programmes and courses in its off - Campuses, and off-shore campuses; and

To do or perform all such other acts, functions and things as may be deemed necessary, desirable or incidental by the National Institute in furtherance of the above objectives of the National Institute.